For over 19 years I (Peter Kitchingman) have been collecting and dealing in antique cameras. Since 1996 I have specialised and built a comprehensive collection of Canon rangefinder cameras, lenses and peripheral accessories.

The current collection of Canon rangefinder cameras will be documented in three up coming books, Lenses, Accessories and Bodies. The first in the series, Lenses, will be a technical dossier of Canon rangefinder lenses from their beginning in 1939 to their replacement by SLRs lenses in the 1970s.

New Book!

For those interested in purchasing cameras or accessories many items are traded via Ebay. To view currently listed item click on the Ebay logo below. For direct inquires Peter can also be contacted via email or phone.

For those interested in selling their cameras and/or accessories Peter can both value and offer competitive prices or, for more valuable items, sell on a commission basis. Contact Peter via email or phone.

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